Achieving Goals

Mountain climberSome portion of our “welcoming the new year” activities includes writing down our personal goals that we’d like to accomplish in the New Year. As you write these goals down, some of them may be familiar to you as they were in the previous year’s “to do” list as well. It may be frustrating to see the same goals appearing again for the second or third time.

Achieving any goal follows the same pattern. Set your intention, aim toward a goal and start acting on it. However, we forget about preserving our energy to achieve these goals. After setting our goals, we want to see the results immediately. We then get frustrated when we don’t achieve it in the timeline we expected to achieve. It’s downhill from there.

So what do you need to do in order to preserve your energy and then effectively achieve your goals in life?

Firstly, you need to have the focus and concentration on the goal you want to achieve. When you have multiple goals, you will be spreading your energy onto different things; therefore, achieving your main goal will be deferred. So keep your focus on ONE goal.

Secondly, you can’t plan when you will achieve your goal. Yes, you need to take certain actions, but you need to have absolutely no expectation on when you “should” get there. Any expectation will deteriorate your energy levels. As a result, if an action you take brings you three steps closer to your goal, any expectation (and frustration) that you may have will bring you two steps away from your goal. So have absolutely no expectation on the timing, otherwise, you’ll lose to much energy as your focus is on the timing, rather than on the goal.

Thirdly, you have to be “cool” about the outcome of your actions. You can’t define your Self as successful or failure by just achieving or not achieving your goals. Life is not black and white like that. When you feel detached from a goal, any goal (!), you will be able to maintain your energy at a high level that increases your potential achieving that goal. So have no attachment on the outcome, otherwise the stress that comes from attachment will consume your energy.

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