Thank You for the Magical Years

The other day, I was carelessly glancing through my old notebook… as I was going through the pages, a few things were catching my eyes… thoughts, ideas, inspirations, dreams..

But then, all of a sudden, this one particular page jumped at me  – in fact I froze looking at it – I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I had to take a step back, and look at it again! And Again!

The top of the page said: THINGS I’D LIKE TO DO. Here it is! Check it out!

The THINGS listed on this page included.. Healer, Writer, Speaker, Spiritual Counselor, Researcher …

Then, my eyes wandered to the upper right corner, the date was November 22, 2009.

I don’t remember the state of mind I was in when I was putting these “THINGS” on this page, but clearly I was counting down the days until I left my finance job and would start to –

“awaken and empower people for their personal and spiritual growth”

– as the mission statement read in the center of the page!

I had no idea that about a year and a half after that date – in February 2011 to be exact – that I would quit my job, and take a giant leap of faith into the healing world.

The first step was incredibly scary. The future was unknown. But I closed my eyes and decided to jump off the cliff anyway.

When I opened my eyes, you were there! You stood by me. You trusted me. You supported me.

Since then, everything has been magical; the individual healing sessions, the meditation classes, the creation of the Journey Within method, The Seeker’s Manual ..

I’m honored and forever grateful to have worked with you in exploring the system of life and to have taken steps together towards joy, love and fulfillment.

Life is amazing and so mysterious!

Embrace your life today. Leave your comfort zone. You can manifest so much more.

Start writing down your dreams and aspirations. Never give up on them. Keep them in focus. Never settle to something that makes you unhappy. Challenge the status quo and follow your heart until you find joy and fulfillment.

Wishing you plenty of joy, wonder and peace in 2016!

With love and light,


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